Host the perfect Christmas party at home!

Plan and host the perfect Christmas party at home and enjoy the day with your guests!

Plan & Host The Perfect  Christmas Party At Home

It’s  almost Christmas party season and most of us are getting ready to host a house party for friends, family and close business contacts – here’s a chance to learn some expert tips.

christmas party at home

Themes are always a great idea

Giving your party a theme is a perfect ice breaker as well as being great fun especially for parties that mix different generations and friend or family groups. Set up your own home-made photo booth and a polaroid, everyone loves the old school pictures. Be creative with homemade decorations making bespoke and unique decorations from everyday materials. Make rustic table decorations using used cans wrapped with white lace and beads, then fill them with seasonal flowers, pebbles and scented candles.

Keep everyone away from the kitchen

Planning well ahead and having wait staff serving beautifully presented trays with food will keep everyone away from the kitchen area. If you plan a self service party, make sure nibbles are not placed near the kitchen because when they run low, hungry guests will try to find them there. It is recommended to prep everything well before guests arrive, so that all you have to do is heat food and serve.

Don’t forget, people are very health conscious now so party menus need to reflect this and accommodate everyone. You can never go wrong with a vegetarian dish or fish, a little diet never killed nobody! Light salad bowls, home made dips with crispy vegetables are light and easy to make in advance.  Very popular are also humus variations with beetroot or spinach, warm artichoke and olives dip. Oh, and sushi.

The bar service

Having a professional team of bartenders and drinks wait staff to attend the bar is a must, you really don’t want to get stuck with a bottle in hand doing rounds to make sure everyone has a full glass in hand. Party the smart way, not the hard way. Plenty of  bartender hire companies around specialised in preparing hot drinks like mulled wine and punches which are very popular now. Also, hot toffee apple cider! Getting to a party on a cold night and being offered a warming drink, your Christmassy mood is instantly switched to ON!

cocktail party at home

Cocktails are a must, Champagne or Prossecco, the good old whiskey and the beers plus  nice bottle of red and white wine.

The music

Since music can make or break your party, think carefully about the style and range of music you want to play. Have some ‘warm up’ music when people are arriving and chatting before you switch to crazy dance tunes. Ask guests to play their choices for dancing to make it really inclusive. In a home environment mood lighting is tricky to get right, you will need to make it light enough to see but not so dark that your guests start to fall asleep. Adding mirrors into a room helps to bounce the Christmas lights around will help as well.

There’s nothing worse I can think off than having to plan and run the whole show and you won’t have any time to enjoy your party. Get help from professional event staffing agencies and spend your time having fun with your guests, after all it’s your time to party!

Planning A Christmas Party

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